A Camera Is Mightier Than A Sword!


Living the change he wants to see.

Mr. Nachiappan is currently pursuing his B.com at Guru Nanak College.  His passion for photography has lead him to put this passion to good use. He says ” Look at the current state of the environment, don’t you think you and I should do something about it?” He is currently using photography as a medium to gather information about lakes in Chennai. He has been working on the following lakes in Adambakkam, Keelkatalai, Nanmangalam, Medavakkam, Perumbakkam, Madambakkam, Sithalapakkam, Arasankazhani. He is keen on creating awareness and gather volunteer force to work with E.F.I in the years to come. We are thrilled to work alongside this passionate young man who allows his work to speak for himself. E.F.I wishes you all the very best and encourages all his efforts. E.F.I is deeply motivated and inspired by such youngsters who take up matters in their hand and use their skill set to create a greener and cleaner India.


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