An Environmentally Friendly Engineer


Mr.Anand Prithviraj who is pursuing Mechanical Engineering at Coimbatore is an aspiring Environmentalist. He is working to create awareness in coimbatore about environmental conservation in 5 localities-RS Puram, Vadavalli, Singanallur, Selvapuram, Peelamedu. His passion for the environment has motivated this young man to take matters in hand and make a difference. Travelling and gaming are his favorite hobbies. He is working to create mass awareness and reach as many people as possible and educate them about their locality as well as engage them to volunteer with E.F.I for a swacch Coimbatore!E.F.I hopes he motivates more number of engineers to take  up environmental conservation seriously and do their part for this beautiful India and her environment.   E.F.I extends a warm welcome to Mr.Prithviraj and draws inspiration from this environmentally conscious and friendly engineer!


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