An Engineer’s Story

20170517_102659An engineer by profession,Mr.Rohit Narayanan claims star gazing is his favorite hobby!

Rohit completed his Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Chennai. Born and brought up in Chennai, he has experienced only one climate,yes, you guessed it right, summer! In the last two years, anyone from Chennai would know how much the floods and the Vardah affected all of us. Not to forget the present drought conditions prevailing through out Tamil Nadu. This created a sense of fear about our future in Rohit’s heart and here he is with E.F.I trying to channelize these fears into strengths and become the change he wants to see. His current research focuses on climate change and it’s effect on the urban population,generic and lake specific including the Chitalapakkam,Old Pallavaram,Madambakkam as well as the Tiruneermalai lakes in Chennai. E.F.I gives a warm welcome to Mr.Rohit and wishes him all the very best for all his ventures.


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